Sperry & McHoul Funeral Home Pre-Planning Service

Sperry & McHoul Funeral Home is a strong believer in making your funeral arrangements in advance. Families have indicated to us on a number of occasions just how relieved they were to know that all the arrangements were taken care of. The Pre-Arrangement process is easy. One of our McHoul Family directors will take the time to sit with you, discuss your needs and desires and present our options to you. Together, you will decide on the best course of action. Once the decisions have been made, the rest is up to us. We take care of recording your plans, securing your funding and answering any questions that you might have going forward.

Each year, more and more Americans realize the importance of making their Funeral Arrangements in advance. Sperry & McHoul Funeral Home has an extensive Pre-Planning Program designed to enable families to take advantage of the many benefits that come from pre-arranging.

Over 59 million people in the U.S. have pre-planned their Funeral Arrangements.


Funeral Service Choices can be overwhelming. Making your arrangements in advance clears up the doubts and uncertainty by communicating your specific and exact wishes to our Funeral Home and your family.

Planning ahead relieves your family of the burden of making difficult planning and financial decisions in the immediate after death hours. It enables loved ones to focus on grief and support rather than guessing and debating on their loved ones desires.

McHoul Funeral Home's Advanced Planning Program enables you to lock in today's prices to pay for future services, saving you money.

By utilizing one of the many pre-payment methods, your services can be paid over the course of years, rather than days or weeks.

Planning ahead enables those on Medicaid to "spend down" assets without sacrificing the services they need and deserve.

McHoul Funeral Home secures your pre-paid money under your name in either an Insurance or Trust vehicle, making your money safe and refundable upon request at any time or for any reason.

Peripheral charges like the cemetery opening charge, the flowers and any other non-funeral home expenses can be included with your arrangements.

Planning ahead does not always require paying anything up front.