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Sperry & McHoul Cremation Services

People choose cremation for a variety of reasons: religious, philosophical, environmental or, sometime, because of its simplicity. At Sperry & McHoul Funeral Home, we offer a variety of options within our Cremation Services. Just as with a burial service, a Traditional Funeral with Visitation hours is an important step in helping he bereaved move through their grief by offering family and friends the opportunity to honor a loved one. Memorial Services, with or without the deceased present, can be held to celebrate the life of your loved one. These services can be held in a church, in the funeral home, in a garden or even a private residence.

It is important to remember that many families that choose cremation also wish to celebrate their loved one’s life with a Traditional Funeral or Memorial Service. Visitation Hours and Burial Services are frequently held as well. There are many options to consider with cremation, and our McHoul Family directors are willing to take the time to sit with you and discuss the best options for your family.

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